Inhabitants Glorp Corp
Features Nose palm trees,
swamp (with castle)

The Swamplands are a location in Mixels Land, filled with goo and swampland vegetation. Floating on the surface are dozens of logs. It is home to the Glorp Corp.

Calling All MixelsEdit

In Calling All Mixels, the Swamplands are a heavily water-based area with camper vans randomly strewn around the area. Lawn chairs, banjos, and barbecue grills also decorate the area as well. There is a much smaller emphasis on the palm trees in the game. Bathroom tissue and portable toilets are also located in the area.

Mixels Land (Magma Wastelands / Mountain City / Mine / Frozen Volcanoes / Sproingy Lands/Rubber Lands / Farmlands / Swamplands / Spiky Desert) / Nixels Land
Glorp Corp
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