Sproingy Lands/Rubbers Lands
Inhabitants Flexers
Features Radical buildings
The flexers 600x408 thumb

The Sproingy Lands, also known as the Rubber Lands, is a location above Mixel Land, and where the Flexers reside. It contains lots of weird and radical houses that come in all shapes, colors and sizes. (Ex: Roof with the legs of a bird or doughnut shaped)

Calling All MixelsEdit

In Calling All Mixels, the Sproingy Lands/Rubber Lands are portrayed as a giant ship's deck. Large amounts of treasure and coins are randomly placed around the area, with small starfish decorating them. Also found in the area are large teapots and teacups, and jam cookies.


  • Technically they are not lands; the area is presumably up in the sky.
  • According to LEGO, they go by both Sproingy Lands and Rubber Lands.
  • The houses seem to be hung up, but it is unknown what they are attached to.
  • The only way for non-Flexers to go up there is by mixing.

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Sproingy Lands/Rubber Lands / Slingshot

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