The Ceramic Piranharex is one of Shuff's ceramic figurines.


180px-Ceramic PiranhaRex

I'm a little monster who's mean and pouts.

The Piranharex has a green and gray head of a piranha , and the green body of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is seen with an angry expression and an open mouth full of yellow teeth. It's teeth are yellow, similar to Tigerscorp's teeth and Porcucobra's fangs.



The Ceramic Piranharex appears in the first few seconds aside the other figurines, Porcucobra and Tigerscorp.


  • It may be the first figurine collected out of all four.
  • Piranharex is a hybrid.
  • It is probably the largest of the figurines, if it were ever alive in reality.

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