Mixel Mountain
200px-Mixel Mountain
Inhabitants None
Features Dangerous terrain
giant Rainbow Cubit at Mixed Up Special

Mixel Mountain is a location in the Mixels Land.


It is a tall, highly dangerous mountain with a depressed-looking "face" on one of its sides. At the peak of Mixel Mountain is a giant Rainbow Cubit that, when hit hard enough, will explode into many, many smaller Cubits.


Mixed Up SpecialEdit

All of the tribe leaders from series 1-2 visit it.


  • Despite being named Mixel Mountain, no Mixels live on it whatsoever.
  • It is the only location to harbor a giant Cubit.
  • Krader's imagination portrays it as a much more cheerful and calm place than it really is.
  • Jawg is a leader but Gobba takes his place.


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