Ice Cream is a food found in the Mixels Land.


There are two different kinds of ice cream. The first is the regular kind, which looks like real life ice cream. The colors and toppings can be used to tell which flavor each ice cream is: pink is strawberry, yellow is vanilla, brown with white marshmallows is rocky road, and green is pistachio. The second kind of ice cream is ice cube ice cream, which looks like an ice cube on a cone.


Hot Lava ShowerEdit

Teslo and Krader were coming over to the Magma Wastelands to have ice cream with Vulk. But their mouth (Teslo) and butt (Krader) got burned. The solution was using typical ice cream. So, the expression "ice cream makes everything better" helped the Mixels.

Bar B CubesEdit

Slumbo, Vulk, Krader, and Volectro were having snacks, but Slumbo's ice cubes got into Vulk's barbecue. Then, Vulk admitted it was good. So, this inspires them to make Bar B Cubes and sell them at a roadside stand.


  • It's the first food that is not a mix between two foods, the second being Cake and the third being Cupcakes.
  • It's used to cool down the burned parts of the Mixels.
  • They are four different types of regular flavored ice cream.
  • Giant ice creams appear as decorations in the Frozen Volcanoes.
  • Krader put's his ice cream on his bottom which humans and other Mixels don't do.


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