130px-41513 Gobba b

250px-41513 Gobba

First appearance Imposters Imblacksters
Last appearance  ?
Tribe Fang Gang
Gender Male
Color Brown
Special features Whip-like tongue
Likes Creating Totems
Dislikes Nixels
Losing teeth
Quote "Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! I've got one muck! Now, where to spend it for eating snacks?"
Voice Actor Billy West

 Gobba is a Fang Gang Mixel.


The Fang Gang can go seriously crazy if their stomachs are empty, so use Gobba's extremely sensitive tongue to seek out of the best food on their homeland and avoid things that are less tasty. Some say Gobba can even taste feelings, sadness is very salty! His whip-like, elongated tongue gives him an incredible sense of taste that is amazingly accurate and can even be used to find lost items, sort of like a blood hound. His whip-like tonguehas a super sense of taste that is amazingly accurate.



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