Frozen Volcanoes
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The Frosticons hail from their frosty home, the Frozen Volcanoes, a location of the Mixels Land. The whole land here is comprised of snowflake roads, glaciers, icebergs, popsicles, and other tasty/icy things. The Frozen Volcanoes have below zero temperatures.


Calling All MixelsEdit

In Calling All Mixels, the Frozen Volcanoes have a higher focus on the dessert design. The popsicles remain, but are also accompanied by giant scoops of ice cream, both with and without cones. The ground is decorated with streaks of various syrups and rainbow sprinkles. Snowmen are also found in the area, along with snowboarding gear and various ice hockey rinks.

Mixels Land (Magma Wastelands / Mountain City / Mine / Frozen Volcanoes / Sproingy Lands/Rubber Lands / Farmlands / Swamplands / Spiky Desert) / Nixels Land
Flurr / Slumbo / Lunk
Frozen Volcanoes / Snowboarding

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