• Flain: Welcome to the Infernite kingdom my cragster compadre! So, Seismo, all I got to say is let the rad fun begin!
  • Flain: And the radness begins on our lava slide! Ready?
  • Flain: [Places sun tan lotion on the bridge of his nose] Then let's get it on!
  • Flain: What the?!
  • Flain: Ughh... Nixels. Why you guys always got to ruin our fun?
  • Flain: I don't think so!
  • Flain: Dude, quit it! [Nixel repeatedly hits Flain] Cease the lameness.
  • Flain: Pull out the cubit, pull out the cubit, pull out the cubit! [Seismo pulls out cubit] Hah! Let's mix up a...
  • Flain: Oh Shnixel!
  • Flain/Seismo Mix: Oh, yeah! Let's get mixel!
  • Flain: Super ginormous ultimate lava slide!
  • Flain: You got to be kidding me!

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