Description Edit

Boogly is a glowkie mixel

Personality Edit

Boogly is a very pretentious snob. Nothing impresses him, and he claims to other Mixels that he's done everything that there is to do in life. He complains all the time and is very critical. Boogly is sometimes not very smart and he is dim-witted.

Physical Appearance Edit

Boogly has a bulgy, mole-like body with two bug-like, segmented appendages on both sides, and a jaw with a black underbite with four teeth pointing up, which resembles a triangle pointed upside-down. At the top of the body is a navy blue overbite with two teeth tapered on and one cycloptic eye. He has four legs which widen towards the tips, with the front two having a black skinny look with one light cyan toenail on each, and the back having navy blue feet with two light cyan toenails on each. He also has a black toque, covering his eyelid.

Ability Edit


He has very strong teeth and can bite through anything. He can also levitate.

Boogly set


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